10K Maniacs

I’ve run in some form of a Super Bowl Sunday race since 2013.  I certainly wasn’t going to let this year be any different.  So certain, in fact, that I booked the race before life got Rocky.  Oh and if the above photo didn’t give it away, I actually pulled it off with a little help from SierraMadre and friends.


Get a 5 week old baby to the race on time and get him moving in between feedings.  10K baby buggy starts at 8:15 AM, 10K starts at 8:30 AM.


Day before race.  Purchase used Bob Revolution SE stroller and pick up race bibs.  Lysol the hell out of used racing stroller.  Pack everything possible into diaper bag.  Day of Race. 7:30 AM.  Arrive at the race parking lot. Feed Rocky. 8:00 AM. Stroll Rocky to the starting line to use the facilities, meet with friends and get ready to roll.  8:15 AM.  Baby buggy begins!  SierraMadre and Wiggles kick off Rocky’s first race.  8:30 AM.  Monkie, BeanPole, Wiggles, RedBird and I start the traditional 10K.


Rocky A: He slept through the entire race but he made it to the end and all the way to brunch before his next snack.

SierraMadre A+: 5 weeks after giving birth, she walks over 4 miles pushing the little 10 pounder.  Having the sturdier stroller really helped out.  That was a good idea.

Me A: I’m not a fast runner, but I completed my 2nd fastest 10K in 5 years.  All the training post Rocky really paid off,

Friends A: Super race companions and training partners.  It really helps to have active friends and an A+ support system.

Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  We pulled the race off without a hitch, had brunch with friends and made it back home in time to take a nap before the Super Bowl. And kudos to the Redondo 10K organizers making a really inclusive well organized event.


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