Although flying with a 4.5 month old on a 5.5 hour flight to Kauai certainly qualifies as an adventure, the actual island offered up some slightly better sights.  Of course the beach is nice, but Little Rock wanted a little but more than lounging underneath the beach umbrella.

Waimea Canyon, Kauai

If you want to escape the resorts, Waimea Canyon offers up a nice alternative and you can’t beat the views.  From waterfalls to amazing canyon vistas it was truly breathtaking.

A short walk from the main lookout, Little Rock wanted a little higher view from my shoulders.

As you can see from the smiles, he was not let down.

We found the Waipoo Falls trail-head just up the road from the lookout.  The trail meandered through the famous red dirt, roots and jungle that Kuaui is famous for and out onto the cliffs of the far side of the canyon.

From here we could look down and watch the helicopters giving their ‘Jurrasic Park’ heli-ride tours of the island.

And finally the waterfall. It was really just the feeder of the much more impressive waterfall that we saw from the look-out, but a nice little oasis nonetheless (Although from the look in Rock’s eyes, he was eyeing bigger and better things).  This trail was up in the mountains of the island so it wasn’t too hot, but we did wrap up Rock to keep him out of the UV rays drenching the island.


We capped the trip with a fresh shrimp lunch down in Waimea and had a cool shave ice for dessert.  Highly recommended.

Sleeping Giant Hike, Kuaui

We originally intended on driving up to the north shore to spend a little time on the Kalaulau trail, but we eventually decided that the hour and half drive there and back just wasn’t worth it with Little Rock in tow.  We settled on the Sleeping Giant hike in Kapaa.  As you can see from the above panorama, we weren’t let down.  At the summit, we were treated to a birds eye view of almost all of the island.

Once again, the little man just loves getting outside.  Look at that smile!

Of course SierraMadre gets the smiles, I just the the little guy staring off at the beautiful scenery.

Start this one early and bring plenty of water, because it does get hot.  The reviews I read online about it really do it a disservice.  I totally recommend it if you are rolling solo or have a little one in tow.  We capped this one off with a picnic lunch in Wailua and picked up the shave ice later in the Koloa.

Little Rock loved his island adventure.  His biggest challenge was the time change on the way there, but he seemed to adapt pretty well after the first night.  Well that and a bunch a diaper blow outs.  Overall though it was a fun adventure and we’re looking forward to our next step off the beaten path.


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