Little Lion

Find a friend to hike with
Pick a day
Pick a time
Confirm the time the night before
Re-confirm the morning of
Have a little flexibility
Hit the trail

This week I introduced Rocky to his first new trail buddy, Monkie.  She was kind enough to load enough water on her back to equal a Rocky and sherpa up a serving of milk and emergency changing needs.

I set the destination at the Los Leones trail-head (or Los Liones, depending on the source) and tentatively confirmed with Monkie that we’d be ready to go at 7:30 AM to avoid the afternoon heat. After the Rock’s morning meal I was able to confirm that we’d be about 10 minutes late, but lucky for us Monkie was kind enough to pick-up some breakfast for us with the extra time. We managed to arrive at the trail head within a minute of each other. Score one in the books for coordination and flexibility.

With all of the recent rain, all of the local trails in the Santa Monica mountains are extremely lush and green.

The views from the top are always pleasant.  However with today was a little hazier than usual, so I decided to have a little fun with filters.







Everyone made it up to Parker Mesa overlook intact and happy.  However, Rocky being the little inspiration that he is, decided to play trainer and get upset with the lack of motion when we were taking pictures.  ‘Get those boots moving!’, he said in the equivalent of 9 week old squeaks. After a quick chug of some Powerade we were off back down the mountain.  I was thinking that I’d probably have to feed him on the way down, but another bonus of hiking is that he’s able to go a bit longer between feedings.  This little tidbit makes it a bit easier to take him on local trails.  We all made it back down to the cars in just over 2 hours!  Not bad for lugging up 30 extra pounds.

Rocky and I made it back home to SierraMadre where he was all smiles and able to enjoy a warm bottle of milk and reminisce on his outdoor time.

Until next time, happy trails!

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