Rocky & Bullwinkle

Another weekend, another road trip.  This time to Palm Springs, CA and back.  Little Rock got to see the snow capped peak of Mt. San Jacinto but not much else.  So instead of crashing on the couch after 2.5 hours in the car, we decided to hit a local trail for the first time.

This one felt a little like an episode of 24.  Rock and I rushed out of the house with a little over an 90 minutes before his next scheduled snack.  Armed with no milk, the Ergo and not much else we embarked on our first hike without any support.

It was a bit rushed but we were able to move up the hills pretty quickly and make it to a nice scenic overlook before having to turn back.  And manage to snap a few pictures while we were at it.

Overall, another successful outing, we made it back before Rock got hungry again.  But as you can see above we both got a little sweaty.  Err, I got a little sweaty and he got a little wet.  To be honest he was so wet at the end I had no idea if he peed his pants or was just soaked from my perspiration.  I guess it’s best not to think about it too much.

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