Thrown for a loop

Finish what you started.

With little Rocky getting bigger by the week, I figured it was time to finish our first loop trail together.  We’d meandered up the Temescal ridge trail about a  mile the previous week so why not complete the loop?  Nature took notice and answered with a resounding “I’ll tell you why not, lot’s and lot’s of water.”  Knee deep in some spots to be exact.  Our first loop would have to wait another week.

However, that didn’t stop us from increasing our mileage and our altitude.  We backtracked through the mud and went up the drier, but still muddy, front face of the trail to a proper overlook.

Rocky and I had some muddy fun and SierraMadre made it out on her first real hike of the new year.


A week later and a little drier we aimed to finish our first loop in the same canyon.  Fortunately, the trails had recovered a bit from the previous week. This made hiking the loop possible, but there was still enough water to provide us with Rocky’s first waterfall.

Ok, so the waterfall was about as big as the little guy.  But what did you expect for a waterfall in Southern California?

Needless to say, we finally completed Rocky’s first loop.  A pretty good accomplishment for an 8 week old! And for SierraMadre!

 Happy trails!

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